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Each role-alike group has a NASH staff lead that helps coordinate the membership and agendas and facilitates the meetings. The benefits of role-alike groups include: 

  • Participate in an open forum for the exchange of ideas 
  • Share problems of practice and learn potential solutions 
  • Network with colleagues who share the distinct challenge of leadership at the system level 
  • Provide feedback on proposed NASH policies and programs 
  • Receive updates on NASH’s transformation agenda  

Below you will find information on each of our role-alike groups as well as details on how to join. Role-alike meeting dates are also maintained on our NASH calendar.

System Heads

System heads; to promote candid exchanges, members are not able to send designees to these meetings.

System Chief Academic Officers (SAOs)

System provosts or other system-level leaders with purview over academics regardless of title.

Chief Financial/Business Officers (CFO/CBO)

In partnership with the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), this forum is for executives with purview over fiscal and financial matters.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Network

System staff with primary responsibility for diversity, equity, and inclusion. This group leads the development of NASH's Equity Action Agenda.

Communications and Government Relations (CGR)

System staff with primary responsibility for public and government relations; more than one staff member from a system may attend as appropriate based on each system’s division of labor.

Refugee Resettlement Initiative (RRI) Champions

RRI Champions include system faculty, staff, and students leading efforts to establish programs and services in support of refugees.

Learn more about joining a Role-Alike Group

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