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The National Association of Higher Education Systems (NASH) is thrilled to introduce a new strategic partnership with Liaison, a leading provider of admissions and enrollment technology solutions for higher education. This collaboration aims to support public systems across the nation in achieving equitable access and success by enhancing Liaison’s Centralized Application Service (CAS) with NASH Enrollment Intelligence (EI).

The system-wide CAS is a highly configurable platform that accommodates each public higher education system’s unique needs for enrollment including specifications, branding, data protocols, integration, and advanced analytics. The student-friendly architecture provides deeper insights, adapting to current enrollment trends and unique system- and state-wide challenges.


Why Liaison?

Liaison’s history of promoting equitable student success through CAS and their Living Profile product aligns seamlessly with NASH’s vision for systemness. With vast experience serving over 1,200 institutions, Liaison has successful partnerships with institutions at 100% of NASH member systems and four national system-level relationships, including the California State University system.


"At the heart of our system here in Montana lies a deep commitment to student success. This new Central Application System will simplify the application process across our system to ensure students can begin a successful path and career."

Clayton Christian, Commissioner of Higher Education at the Montana University System and Vice Chair of the NASH Board of Directors

“The synergy between NASH and Liaison represents a transformative approach to public higher education. Together, we are empowering educational systems by providing centralized application services that simplify the enrollment process and improve student engagement, in alignment with Liaison’s and NASH's shared goal of creating a more educated society.”

George Haddad, Founder and CEO of Liaison

“Higher education is fractured, and this is no truer than in how we require students to apply to each institution separately. Far too often, students are denied admission without knowing what other options exist. By leveraging Liaison’s technology and data capabilities in conjunction with the scale and scope of our member systems, we aim to directly address this problem by streamlining the admissions process and letting students know all of the options they qualify for within a system. Our goal is to leverage our systemness to expand access and increase completion.”


Jason E. Lane, NASH President and Chief Systemness Officer

Benefits of NASH Enrollment Intelligence

NASH Enrollment Intelligence (EI) leverages the concept of systemness by coordinating all system-wide CAS instances across the country. This guarantees a common structure, solutions that serve multiple users, in-depth analysis of student data over time, and a consistent approach to enrolling in college and workforce programs. NASH EI promotes collaboration, allowing developments and enhancements to be shared among systems.

Key Benefits

Implementation and Transition

The time it takes to implement a CAS is system-dependent, typically taking around six months. Liaison’s efficient onboarding experience, customized to individual campuses and systems, ensures a smooth transition. CAS seamlessly transitions data from existing systems, maintaining data integrity. Liaison ensures that each system has control over its data, allowing phased approaches and independence for campuses in enrollment management functions. 

Want to learn more?

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Rico R. ReedChief Partnerships Officer

Rico R. Reed is the Chief Partnerships Officer, supporting NASH’s overall member engagement strategy. In his role, Rico is creating connections with system members beyond the chancellor/presidential and provost level. With more than 20 years of experience in higher education and K-12 education, Rico is a proven leader in developing partnerships and innovative communication and branding initiatives.

Reach out to Rico today to learn more about the NASH & Liaison partnership!

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