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Degree and Credential Completion

The Degree and Credential Completion metric captures public higher education systems’ contributions to state and national attainment goals. The metric encapsulates students’ completion of degrees and credentials across time and place, while also allowing for ongoing measurement of completion and equity gaps. The result of meeting our targets would produce an estimated over 1,000,000 degrees and credentials by 2030.


On average NASH member systems increased degree completion by 34.7% between 2009-10 and 2019-20, resulting in over 1.26 million additional awards over that period. Over the same period, a roughly 10-point absolute equity gap persisted between white non-Hispanic students and minoritized students.


We propose to maintain NASH members’ demonstrated 10-year rate of improvement through collective impact and that NASH member systems collectively increase degree and credential completion by 35% from 2019-20 baseline levels by 2030.

We propose that equity gaps should be reduced by 50% from 2019-20 baseline levels. Reducing the equity gap by 50% between 2019-20 and 2029-30 would result in an additional 80,000 degrees and credentials for minoritized students.