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Student Success

NASH’s student success agenda reflects a commitment to expanding access and opportunity to ensure all students have the chance to earn a credential or degree that supports their upward social mobility. NASH's Student Success Framework is a powerful tool that enables higher education systems to intentionally assess their progress toward, and act on, the adoption and integration of essential student success and improvement practices. We are driven by a passion to realize student-centered success at scale, leveraging and reimagining multi-campus systems expand access and increase degree attainment, improve the quality of educational experiences, and lower the cost of education.   

This agenda and framework are built upon the ongoing NASH work with Taking Student Success to Scale (TS3) initiatives over a ten-year period that focused on scaling proven interventions in predictive analytics, transfer, and math pathways. The focus on student access and opportunity that guided the NASH Equity Collaborative also informs the NASH Student Success Agenda.  

As an association of systems, we also view this work through the lens of "systemness,” recognizing that this vital agenda is more than the responsibility of any individual institution but rather the collective responsibility of all institutions. Through “systemness,” we can accomplish more working through the system-wide collective impact than any individual institutions could on its own.  

The NASH Student Success Framework drives improvement by: 

  • Providing relevant supports to ensure that all students can access high-quality educational opportunities and attain their vision of success 
  • Creating a culture of institution- and system-wide responsibility for student success across roles, functions, and structures.  
  • Strengthening policies, practices, approaches, and messages to promote success for all students, regardless of background or zip code.   
  • Supporting the creation of high-quality credentials and supporting the education to work pipeline. 
  • Building system capacity to support students to complete credentials and degrees, experience upward social mobility, and carry less debt. This work is reflected in system strategic plans and defined in comprehensive student success initiatives across university systems. 

The Student Success Collaborative 

The Student Success Collaborative is a network of NASH systems working together to advance elements of the Student Success Framework within their respective systems. These efforts are supported by system teams which may include both campus and system representatives. The system teams engage in continuous improvement activities through the thoughtful analysis of system-wide and institution-level practices and policies to determine where intervention is needed to better support student success. This effort strives to move the dial on the overall NASH goals of increased credential and degree completion, enhanced upward social mobility of graduates, and decreased student debt.