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Luc Gervais Setting Up for Success: New York First Coordinator, NASH RRI

Luc Gervais works as the Setting Up for Success: New York First Coordinator and is a TEDx speaker and a recent graduate from the Honors Political Science Program at Concordia University in Montréal, Quebec. During his time at Concordia, he ran Canadian Political Society and Society of Political Theory, which hosted a variety of events that pushed the importance of local political engagement and productive deliberation. Furthermore, he focused his studies on immigration and ancient political philosophy and looks forward to applying these interests in his work at NASH RRI.

He has worked in the immigration field during his time at Concordia as a research assistant on the Concordia Research Chair on the Politics of Immigration; and has recently decided to expand his advocacy efforts to include university and campus mobilization. In particular, he has a vested interest in the ways that campuses can encourage positive democratic behavior and community engagement in the face of increasing political tensions.

He hopes to eventually create more pathways for refugee and migrant resettlement in local communities across the country in the future.