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Kathy Booth

Kathy Booth Project Director for Economic Mobility, Postsecondary, and Workforce Systems, WestEd

Kathy Booth is the Project Director for the Economic Mobility, Postsecondary, and Workforce Systems team at WestEd. As part of that team, Kathy Booth leads projects that help translate data into action. She helps map data across systems, including crosswalking K–12 and community college offerings, tracing adult education pathways from K–12 to community college, documenting education pathways to employment, and aligning data from educational institutions and social service agencies that support workforce development.

Booth’s current projects include leading community engagement for the development of California’s Career Education Master Plan, documenting how states are modernizing their linked data sets to strengthen equitable outcomes, measuring systems change efforts to broaden participation in STEM, and delivering technical assistance to community colleges on using labor market information to develop stronger pathways to living wages. Previously, she served as the Process Facilitator for the development of the California Cradle to Career Data System and supported the Guided Pathways movement.


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