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Bernhard Streitwieser - GWU

Bernhard Streitwieser Director, Refugee Educational Advancement Lab (REAL)

Dr. Bernhard Streitwieser started the Refugee Educational Advancement Laboratory (REAL) in 2021 because he felt the Masters students in his “Refugees and Education” class needed more of an outlet to become active in research and advocacy supporting the educational aspirations of refugees.

The first big project was to write a book to share interviews they conducted with resettled refugees in the DC-MD and VA areas. The book is coming out later this month with Rowman & Littlefield Press!

The REAL site also publishes monthly blog posts and disseminates ongoing research projects, events, and news. REAL seeks to be a welcoming site for anyone interested in staying informed about and working actively in refugee and at-risk migrant issues. Their main challenge is funding. If anyone is interested in how they can financially support REAL, contact Dr. Streitwieser at