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New CPE, NASH partnership to help support colleges and universities serving displaced students

College graduate holding diploma smiling and wearing a graduation cap.

State and national education organizations are coming together to launch a community of practice to support Kentucky colleges and universities that serve students who have been displaced by crises in their home countries. The Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) is partnering with the National Association of System Heads (NASH) to provide a forum to share…

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Intersystem Transfer: Supporting Our Students in Wisconsin | Inside Higher Ed

The University of Wisconsin System places a high priority on improving baccalaureate completion rates, closing the opportunity gap for minoritized students and minimizing the financial and other barriers to degree attainment for all students regardless of where they begin their college career. In a collaborative attempt to remove transfer barriers for Wisconsin students, the UW…

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The Emerging Role of Public Higher Education Systems in Advancing Transfer Student Success

A useful and overlooked tool for scaling transfer student success and creating more seamless transfer experiences across multiple institutions. The struggles and poor outcomes of transfer students have been well-established in this blog, as well as the broader literature, and need not be restated here. “Fixes” often focus on helping a prototypical student transfer vertically…

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Demanding Times for System Heads

If there’s a new “hot seat” in higher-education administration, it might burn hottest at the top. The job of public-college system head has seen a string of abrupt departures, board battles, and contentious searches. Last month, for example, Melody Rose resigned as chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education after less than two years on the…

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US university systems are key to boosting access and completion

Systems have the data to track students, the leverage to facilitate collaboration and the authority to create transfer policies, says Nancy L Zimpher The US’ higher education delivery system is leaky at best. We are seeing record declines in enrolment due to a number of societal and economic factors, including rhetoric that questions the value…

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The Learning Imperative (opinion)

Public university systems should invest in training and support for quality teaching, Félix V. Matos Rodríguez and Penny MacCormack write. As the pandemic hits the two-year mark and higher education takes full stock of its impact, the challenges we face are multiple—but so are the opportunities. We face the largest enrollment decline in a decade.…

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