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Jessi Kalambayi Program Manager, Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality

Jessi Kalambayi is a program manager at the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality at the University of Denver for the Ready for Amrican Hospitality program (RAH). During undergrad, She started as an intern at the African Community Center, a local Denver chapter of the ECDC refugee resettlement agency, helping refugees and immigrants get to self-sufficiency through ESL enrollment, Public Benefits applications, and an RAH support role. She worked her way up to a leadership role that allowed her to then manage and have a direct impact by advocating for refugees in the hospitality industry. With her multicultural background, Jessi uses her lived experience to connect with the vulnerable communities navigating their resettlement journey in the United States. Jessi teaches the curriculum, manages daily operations, and collaborates with industry partners to ensure RAH students can access as many resources as possible to enable a smooth transition into the US workforce.

The Fritz Knoebel partnership with the Ethiopian Community Development Council’s African Community Center represents one of the most important and powerful educational frameworks that allows DU undergraduate students the chance for effective learning and responsible leadership and grants Refugees and migrants the opportunities to get ready while learning about the hospitality industry and building a strong supportive community.